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All Products Taster Pack

All Products Taster Pack

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10 Flavours Delicious EXTENDBARS
5 Flavours Delicious EXTEND CRISPS
3 Flavours Delicious EXTEND SHAKES
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Contains: 10 assorted bars, 5 bags of crisps, 5 bags of drizzles, 3 assorted shakes and FREE delivery!

Helps control blood sugar for up to 9 hours!

• Control Hunger
• Avoid blood sugar lows and highs
• Count on energy that lasts
• Perfect for snacks, lunch boxes, dessert, before bed- anytime
• Great with all popular diets- point systems, low carb, low-fat, gluten-free and many others

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  Extend Nutrition helps control blood sugar for up to 9 hours!