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Who Can Benefit From Extend Bars?

While everyone can benefit from stabilising their blood sugar levels, if you fall into one of the following groups, you’ll find Extend Snacks particularly helpful:

You are trying to lose or better manage your weight…

By helping stabilise your blood sugar for up to 9 hours, Extend Bars help you prevent the drops in blood sugar that trigger appetite, to keep your hunger in check. They've even been clinically proven to reduce the calories eaten at your next meal an average of 21%.

Just as important, because Extend Bars have a low glycemic index, they won’t cause blood sugar and insulin levels to spike, minimising the body’s tendency to store fat after eating. And Extend Bars are also low in fat. So they fit nicely into most popular low-carb, low-glycemic and low-fat diets.


You have diabetes or struggle with Hypoglycemia…

Whether you have Type 1, Type 2 or gestational diabetes or suffer from episodes of Hypoglycemia, Extend Bars are a great snack for you. They won’t cause the blood sugar spikes and swings that so many other foods can, making it much easier for you to manage your blood sugar levels. So you can look forward to up to 9 full hours of uninterrupted fun. Or relaxation. Or sleep.

If you have Insulin-Resistance – also referred to as pre-diabetes, borderline diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance – you are at significant risk of developing Type 2 diabetes often because of being overweight. When used as a between meal snack, Extend Bars can help you control your hunger for up to 9 hours, so you snack less and eat an average of 21% fewer calories at mealtime.


You're Athletic, or like to be physically active…

Because Extend Bars convert to blood sugar gradually over 9 hours, they provide you with a sustained supply of energy to help get you through the most physically demanding activity or your most hectic day without experiencing the symptoms of low-blood sugar that can impede your performance or slow you down.




Your hectic lifestyle causes you to miss meals…

Even if you don’t normally have trouble managing your blood sugar, going too long between meals or engaging in more strenuous activity than usual between meals, can bring on symptoms of low blood sugar (headaches, lightheadedness, difficultly concentrating and irritability). Just one Extend Bar can help prevent these symptoms for up to 9 hours and tide you over until you have an opportunity to eat a good meal.



  Extend Nutrition helps control blood sugar for up to 9 hours!